How is the goods packed? Is it not damaged during transport?

We pack the goods in fine wrapping paper, boxes and bubble wrap. If the item is not delivered in the original box, wrap it in solid cardboard paper. We put everything in the transport packaging. We use larger used cardboard boxes as transport packaging. We do our best to ensure that the goods arrive to you in order. There is a sticker on the shipping box: Fragile and do not tip.


Until when can I cancel an order?

You can cancel the order until your own shipment of goods. Then cancellation is no longer possible due to the fact that the goods are already packed or handed over to the carrier.


How can I order goods for an already sent order?

Call +420 702 163 888 or email It is necessary to make an additional order immediately from the dispatch of the original order, because we always ship, pack and prepare the goods for dispatch as quickly as possible. If the goods are packaged, re-ordering of the goods is no longer possible and it is necessary to enter a completely new order.


I did not receive an order confirmation

A common reason for this problem is to spam the message from your mail. Please check your spam folder before taking any further action. The most common reason for not receiving an order confirmation is a typo in the e-mail, which will make it impossible to deliver the message. We will find out about the returned e-mail and we will contact you by phone in order to verify the e-mail. We will then forward the returned message to you.


Are you sending abroad?

Yes, we ship. You can choose the transport option after entering the relevant country in the order. If you want to send the goods elsewhere, contact us to calculate the price of postage or state this fact in the note in the order. In this case, however, the price does not apply to postage and you will be contacted with information about the new price and conditions for sending the package.  

Didn't find the answer to your question? Does not matter. Write to us and we will answer you immediately :)